Fun and Simple Activities for Spring


The start of spring brings the return of outdoor activities. Rising temperatures and blossoming flowers create perfect conditions to be outside in the sun. With many people having been kept inside during the pandemic this winter, everyone is itching to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. This spring there are several ways to partake in fun activities while staying socially distant and safe

Hikes are a perfect way to enjoy the changes spring brings. They allow time to focus on the serenity and beauty of nature. It’s something you can do alone, while listening to music, or you could go with family or friends. There are many beautiful hiking trails near Parkersburg, such as McDonough Park, Fort Boreman Park and Johnson T. Janes Park. Each are often used and have reliable trails. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, there are many other beautiful trails in West Virginia, like Seneca Rocks, New River Gorge National Park, and Blackwater Falls.

Picnics are also a delightful springtime activity for you and your friends. They are also a delicious and simple way to spend time outdoors. Everyone can bring snacks or treats like ice cream, and enjoy the sunshine and good company. It’s also a nice social distancing activity if you bring multiple blankets and can spread out on the grass. Spring brings ideal temperatures for picnics; it’s not too cold, or too hot, and the spring flowers are a nice addition to the spring aesthetic.  All that’s required is a blanket, flat surface, a few friends and good food.

Flowers are arguably the best part of spring, bringing beautiful and bright colors to the earth. A simple way to honor these flowers is taking pictures of them to capture their loveliness. The bright colors complement photos in a wonderful way, whether it’s a selfie, a group shot, or a self-portrait. The natural beauty of flowers adds something a little extra to your social media feed, and can prove to be a fun chance for your friends to get together, dress up, and enjoy the gifts of spring. Getting a group to go out and pose with is a simple (and free) way to spend time with friends and capture the beauty of spring.

While outdoors, you can also admire the wildlife. As temperatures warm, cute baby animals are being born and birds are returning north. But, you should always admire from a distance, so an activity like bird watching is a simple and interesting way to observe nature at its best. Whether you’re in a park or a forest, birds are easy to find and enjoyable to listen to and trying to find out which species a bird is can be stimulating.