Dear Class of 2024

A final goodbye and good luck from the PHS staff
Graphic created in Canva.
Graphic created in Canva.
Brooklyn Miller
Sonya Ashby

Dear Class of 2024,

Congratulations on finishing this chapter of your life! I have enjoyed listening to you make plans for the future. I have heard lots of complaints about specific assignments, jumping through hoops that seemed pointless to you, and general frustration over one thing or another. Lately, there has been a general excitement in the air as I hear, “In X number of days I will never have to deal with (insert whatever or whoever was annoying you here) again!” And that is true. You will NEVER have to deal with that again. You will have to deal with far worse.

It’s time to burst your bubble, Class of 2024. It’s been 34 years since I walked in your shoes, and the harsh truth is, that the most important things you learn – you will learn the hard way. For example, that teacher that was driving you nuts all year? You will think that they are tame compared to your first boss. That software program that gave you fits will be obsolete in five years. That’s right. You just THOUGHT you were finished learning once you graduated! You will have to unlearn, relearn, retool, and remake yourself multiple times over throughout your lifetime.

So then what was the point of going to high school at all, you may ask? The point was not just academic subjects. You learned how to get along with people that you may or may not like. You learned to take care of your personal needs around a schedule. You learned to organize your time. You learned to push through and keep trying even when things got hard. You learned to ask questions and get help when you needed it. You learned who had your back – and who didn’t. You learned that you COULD learn – and that you CAN choose to learn for the rest of your life.

I can almost hear what some of you are thinking. You are thinking, “But Ms. Ashby, if everything changes and I’m going to have to keep learning for the rest of my life, is any advice that everyone is giving us going to matter in five years?” YES! Because some things will be with you your entire life if you take care of them. For instance, your body, your mind, your TEETH…….take care of them and they will be with you for your lifetime – and believe me, at my age you definitely notice if you haven’t taken care of these things. Tend to the people who tend to you – your family and friends. Jobs, houses, and money all come and go, but if you tend to your relationships, they will be with you for the long haul and worth far more. Unfortunately, there are also some not so nice things that can stay with you forever if you aren’t careful – namely bad credit ratings, tax debt, and criminal records. So, balance your checkbook, live within your means, and follow the law.

Are you bored yet? Yes, “adulting” can be boring at times. Life isn’t always a trip to Disney. Even if you follow my sage wisdom, you WILL have obstacles and truly difficult challenges. But you will also have opportunities to see and do things you can’t even imagine yet. At your age, it never would have occurred to me that I would get to parasail over the ocean, be in Windsor Castle at the same time as King Charles, sing for the President of the United States, create books and designs that have sold internationally, or ride an elephant – but I have. And all of those mistakes you’re going to make are going to make a great story to tell your friends. You have just finished a chapter of your life. The next page is blank, and you hold the pen. Go write the next chapter! And if that chapter doesn’t go the way you planned, always remember that YOU are holding the pen, and you can always turn to a blank page and start again.


Sonya Ashby NBCT

Graphic Arts Teacher

Parkersburg High School

Lori Zyla

Dear Seniors,

If you’ve spent the past four years growing up in “The Cave,” you’re familiar with our motto:  It will be fine, and then it will be over.  Well… your time in high school is over.  There have been successes, failures, and everything in between, but it seems to have indeed turned out fine.  I hope as you move out into the world that you’ll remember to control what you can and get through what you can’t — and that all things will end, and you’ll move onto the next thing.  I’ll be cheering for you always. — Zyla


Jay Lindamood

Dear Seniors of the Class of 24,

I told you it would go fast. Hope you had a good time.

In Squatch,

Jay Lindamood


Abby Taylor

Dear Class of 2024,

How you treat others will always be the most accurate reflection of who you truly are.

Sow Peace, Grow Peace, and Know Peace.

Stay Safe out there and always remember to be kind!


Ms. Abby Taylor

Beth Koreski

Dear seniors,

You are and always have been a very special class to me because, for the first and only time, I’m a teacher AND a senior mom. I’ve watched many of you grow up, from school plays to birthday parties, ball games, golf matches, end-of-year banquets, having you in class or just seeing you in the hallways every day over the last four years. It’s been an honor watching you grow and being a small part of your journey. You’ve turned into amazing humans who are ready to take on the world. 

Take the time to enjoy Senior Week and graduation. It’s a wonderful celebration of your time as Big Reds and, just like everything else, it will fly by.

Go have fun, make good decisions, surround yourselves with people who bring out the best in you, and try every day to bring out the best in others. I promise you the rest will fall into place.

I can’t wait to watch your next chapters unfold.

Wishing you the very best,

Mrs. Koreski


Caytlen Miller

Dear Class of 2024,

These past three years I have loved watching you guys grow into amazing young adults. I met you when you were crazy sophomores, and watched as you became amazing leaders who other students can look up to without hesitation. You are academics, athletes, friends, and so many other things. After this, you can add high school graduate to that list! This class of students are some of the most hard-working and dedicated young people I have met, so I have no doubt that you’ll go out and change the world. I’m just glad I’ll be here to watch and cheer you on as you go through this crazy thing called life.

Whether you’re going to college, trade school, the military, or straight to work, you have something to offer the world, so don’t you ever doubt your worth. Whatever you decide to do, give it your all and show them how amazing the alumni of Parkersburg High School really are. After this, life tends to get so much more complicated with jobs, bills, and relationships, so enjoy your summer. Find those people who you know you can count on and always keep them close.

To my baking students: I am endlessly proud of everything you have already accomplished, and can’t wait to see what you do next. I have loved having you in class and watching your skills progress beyond belief. You were here my first year and we have grown and learned how to do this whole thing together. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it this far without you.

Remember: Once a Big Red Always a Big Red! (And the Juniors beat you this year at Powder Puff.)

Love you all dearly,

Ms. Miller

Sam Vincent

Dear Class of 2024,

Congratulations on your graduation from Parkersburg High School!  You have worked for 13 years, from kindergarten until now, to walk across the graduation stage and into the next chapter of your life.  It may be exciting, intimidating, and many other emotions all at once.  I am confident you will do wonderful things!

As a graduate of Parkersburg High, it is always a proud time to see graduates continuing the great traditions of our school.  From going to sporting events throughout the year to the award-winning accolades of our choirs and bands to the success of our academic, art, and speech programs, Parkersburg High School is a wonderful place.  However, none of this is possible without the dedication and excellence of you: the students.

As you move to the next adventures of life, be kind, humble, and yourself.  There is no doubt that great things will happen if you have the drive and ambition to succeed.  I am proud of you all and hope that Parkersburg High is a small part of the wonderful things you do throughout life.  I know that you will be an excellent, unique chapter in the history of our school.


Mr. Vincent


Rene Fowler

Seniors, I was hired your 9th grade year, so we were new to PHS together.  That first year for us, with the challenge of Covid, was NOT easy, but YOU made the difference for me!  We got through it together. I wish you all the very best and want to share a little piece of advice.  Remember the 10 two-letter words that can change your life.  

“If it is to be, it is up to ME.”

Be a self-starter.  Go be everything you can be.  Make it happen! 

~Mrs. Fowler 


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