The Best Christmas Movies

Christmas break is a great time to sit down, relax, and watch a movie. Here are some of my personal favorites.

#10 “Frosty The Snowman”

“Frosty the Snowman” (1969) is a classic that children everywhere have watched on Christmas, including myself. It’s a tradition for my family to watch this every Christmas Eve. The song “Frosty the Snowman” is known worldwide and is always playing around the holidays. It’s a fun, lighthearted movie about nothing but a snowman come to life. It’s something everyone can enjoy.

#9 “A Christmas Story”

Every Christmas, “A Christmas Story” seems to be playing on every channel. Ralphie is always a treat to see every year. I love how their family eats Chinese food on Christmas. It’s also always funny to see the kid get his tongue stuck on the pole. It’s a classic Christmas movie, and the movie is still popular 38 years after it was first released in 1983. Ralphie’s onsie, the leg lamp, and so many other things are seen as iconic and have been remade a thousand times. This classic movie is something most people can recognize, and it’s always nice to see.

#8 “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

The Grinch is an iconic Christmas movie, especially the version with Jim Carrey. Carrey portrays his character really well, and shows an amazing character transformation as the Grinch grows a heart. It shows how someone should always be kind to others no matter what others think. The Grinch only hated Christmas because of the Whos who bullied him for being different. It’s a heartfelt movie about how we should treat everyone with respect, no matter who they are or what they look like.

#7 “The Santa Clause”

“The Santa Clause” is a great movie and shows how anyone can go through family problems. I love seeing how Scott overcomes his family issues to be able to bring Christmas to families around the world. His family is somewhat brought together by overcoming the struggles of becoming Santa. It’s an amazing family movie and never gets old. The sequels are unique because they’re actually good. Many sequels never do the first movie justice, usually being less than ordinary and boring. Santa Clause defies those stereotypes and delivers two more great Christmas films.

#6 “Home Alone”

“Home Alone” is one of the most recognizable movies to watch at Christmas time. The whole series is an amazing watch, even though it’s so unrealistic. Who forgets their kid that many times? But, that aside, “Home Alone” is a classic that showcases the great mind of a child. Watching Kevin attempt to protect his house from intruders while his family is away is such a funny thing to watch. Its always entertaining to see grown men get defeated by this little eight-year old kid.

#5 Carol

“Carol” is an amazing holiday love story that starts with dolls in a window. Two women in the 1950’s fall in love at Christmas. This movie is like a Hallmark one, but ten times better. It’s so amazing to watch their love bloom as the women fall in love at Christmas. It’s heart-wrenching to watch the two women fall in love, and go through all these struggles just because of who they are. Carol goes through a divorce and is trying to gain custody, and Therese has to go through struggles at her job. All and all, “Carol” is a great movie to watch at Christmas and all year round as well.

#4 “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”

 This movie isn’t one for all ages, but it is hilarious. It’s a funny movie about the reality of the holidays, and it makes those of us who feel down about the holiday feel better. Viewers watch as Clark continuously keeps messing up Christmas traditions, and they’re all done in a hilarious way. When he goes to plug the lights in and none of them end up working, it’s a laugh for everyone. The Vacation movie franchise is always a funny way to brighten spirits, and Christmas Vacation is no exception.

#3 “A Christmas Carol”

Lessons always need to be taught to people who deserve them, and Scrooge definitely did. This movie’s a great way to teach a stuck-up rich person a lesson about being kind, and show the wrongs of what he’s done. I love how Scrooge starts the movie as a stuck up, disgusting person and ends it as a nicer, more generous person. The lessons learned throughout the movie show Scrooge that he is not a good person, and needs to change his ways. The character development is amazing and I love seeing him use his money for good, and become a kind person because of the flashbacks in his life.

#2 “Elf”

“Elf” is such a good movie because who would’ve thought of this plot? An elf who is a human discovering where he’s from is such a silly storyline, but it makes for a fantastic movie. There are moments where you can feel like the people around him, questioning why he does the things he does, like putting syrup and candy on spaghetti. It’s a funny movie that always makes me laugh. I also love the romance between Buddy and Jovie. It’s heartwarming to see Jovie go along with anything Buddy does, even if she’s not too sure about it. It always makes for a feel good watch.

#1 “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is an amazing film that shows the importance of roles while going out of your comfort zone. The stop motion film is so smooth I didn’t even know it was stop motion until I looked it up. The movie is amazing and I love following Jack as he has a crisis about his job, and wants to do more. It shows the importance of roles in society and how when we may feel like we’re not important, there is always someone who needs us. Jack struggles so much with putting Christmas together, and he comes back to Halloween, happy to be back, but also with a new love of Christmas. The romance between Jack and Sally is also beautiful and wholesome and something I enjoy watching every time. The soundtrack is also fantastic, which is why this took the top of the list.