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Sophomore Daphne Cockerham

Daphne Cockerham, Sophomore

The United States has 120.5 civilian-owned guns per 100 people. The closest country to the United States is Canada with 34.7. Gun homicides per 100,000 people is 4.12. The closest country to this statistic is Israel with 1.05. After a mass shooting, politicians say that more guns stop shootings. If more guns on the street is a supposed positive, then why isn’t America the safest country in the world? We have the most guns, why the most gun-related deaths? This is because guns are the issue. Homicide rates are higher in states with weaker gun laws. Gifford Law ranked each state’s gun laws from A, strong laws, to F, weak laws. States that receive an “F” grade saw 25% higher rates than states with “C” or “D” grades and 61% higher than states with “A” or “B” grades. These states are Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Wyoming. 

In terms of freedom, America is not the freest country, according to statistics. World Population Review reported that the United States is 15th in freedom (including human, personal, and economic freedom). The country that ranks first is Switzerland. In Switzerland, gun owners must have no criminal records and are deemed unlikely to cause harm to Swiss citizens. Police often ask local psychiatrists or friends about an applicant’s mental state or alcohol and drug use. Once a person receives a gun license, it is only valid for a maximum of nine months and the applicants are only allowed one gun.

I can name every statistic in the world, but it won’t work if people aren’t willing to listen. I’m tired of hearing news about another school shooting with no action from lawmakers. I’m tired of being afraid to go to school. I’m tired of being afraid that someone I love will get shot purely for the reason of going to work or school or just being out in public. University of Chicago News reported that 71% of Americans support stricter gun laws and 59% support a nationwide ban on semi-automatic weapons. Our government needs to uphold the will of the people. How can America uphold Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness if that life is ripped away from us? Guns aren’t saving us. Guns are killing us.

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