Kate Hayes, Senior

Half masted flags. A tragedy stricken country. Gun violence has broken the American spirit and become the worst epidemic of our lifetime.

Gun violence is any violence committed with the use of firearms, for example pistols, shotguns, assault rifles or machine guns. It’s said that “nearly every American will know at least one victim of gun violence over their lifetime,” according to Giffords. 

Whether it’s your child, your sister, your college roommate, someone will always be affected by violence inflicted by a firearm. 

According to the National Institute of Justice website, “Notably, most individuals who engage in mass shootings used handguns (77.2%), and 25.1% used assault rifles in the commission of their crimes.”

A pack of 50 Magtech 32 S&W Long Ammo costs $31.99, with each round costing 64 cents. A round of ammunition costs 64 cents while a single Grade A brown egg costs around 52 cents. The only financial difference between an egg and a round of ammunition is 12 cents. Why do we see no problem in that?

Our country is broken. Why won’t they see that? Policy makers and politicians are more focused on protecting unborn children than protecting school-age children. We need change. Now. 

Our blood spilled and splattered. The truth of the matter is fear escapes the bones of our leaders. They fear angering gun owners and 2nd amendment lovers. But what about the fear that escapes the children every time they enter a school building, or the fear that escapes the everyday person shopping at a grocery store? Why doesn’t that fear matter?

Gun violence matters. Citizens’ lives matter.  

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