Senior Leaders: Q & A With Abby Hines, Thespian Troupe 264 President


Yasmeen Alamin

Abby Hines, President of Thespian Troupe 264

Q: What drew you to a leadership position? 

A: After joining the Thespian Troupe my freshman year, I realized that theater was a place where I truly felt comfortable enough to be myself. I wanted to be the president so that I could continue to make theater a space where students feel welcome and like they’re a part of something great.  

Q: What was the process of getting elected? 

A: At the end of last year, other students and I gave a speech in front of the troupe on why we should be elected president and then we started the voting process. Anyone who was at the meeting or an active member had the opportunity to vote. At our awards ceremony a few weeks later, all of the officer positions were announced.   

Q: What are your responsibilities? 

A: I run the meetings every week, as well as keep the troupe updated in our group chat on upcoming events. I have been working alongside my vice president, senior Katie Riggs, to organize events for everyone, most of which involve fundraising.  

Q: What are your plans for your club? 

A: This year, we are hoping to put a musical on our stage for the first time in over four years. This will take a lot of effort to get people to show up to auditions and commit to their parts. We will also be producing a competition show and I would love to see us place top 1-5 in the state again. In order for these plays to be successful, we need more students to help with tech work. Right now, we’re trying to reach out to students to see who would like to cover these roles. Overall, the other officers and I are trying to expand our troupe and get as much involvement as possible.  

Q: What time and where do you meet? 

A: We have meetings every Thursday after school in Ms. Zyla’s room, 211C. The meetings start at 3:15 and usually last until 3:45, depending on how much information and work we have. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing you’ve accomplished through your club? 

A: My favorite thing I’ve accomplished through my club was placing top 1-5 in one-act plays at our state festival. We had a very young cast that didn’t have a lot of experience, but we were still able to produce an amazing show and get the crowd laughing at our silly play.

Q: Are you in any other clubs or activities? 

A: I am one of the captains of the Speech and Debate team and have been a member for four years. I am also a member of National Honor Society and National English Honor Society.

Q: What do you want people to know about your club? 

A: A lot of people avoid theater because they think that if they don’t want to be onstage, they aren’t needed. The truth is that there are so many behind-the-scenes roles that are equally as important as being a cast member. We need people running lights, sound, microphones, designing and painting sets, advertising, and so much more. If you have any kind of special skill, we can absolutely use it. Part of my job is helping people find their place within our troupe and making sure everyone feels like they belong.  

Q: Do you have anything else to add?  

A: Anyone and everyone is welcome to try out theater. It takes hard work and commitment, but in the end, the final product is always worth it. There is a place for everyone in our club, and I am here to help you find it.