Crystals Increasing in Popularity Among Teens

As the crystal trend becomes more popular, are the dangers being addressed?


Kate Hayes

Obsidian and strawberry quartz crystals, worn around a student’s neck.

Crystal healing is an alternative medical method in which crystals and stones are used for therapeutic purposes. As more and more people consume crystals, the question of whether they are safe for sale and ethically produced is being raised.

TikTok has mainstreamed and brought attention back to crystal healing. Many celebrities and internet stars have started to wear and practice crystal healing.

“I wear crystals because they are very pretty and have a beautiful meaning and history,” said junior Sophie Lively.

Crystals can have great healing effects if used and taken care of correctly, which only comes after careful research. For example, some crystals such as lapis luzuli, selenite and malachite cannot be submerged in water. Putting these crystals in water can not only ruin them but have negative effects on the wearer of the crystal. Lapis luzuli contains sulfur and if soaked in water can release the toxin into the water. According to, “When lapis lazuli is soaked in water, the flecks of pyrite can release sulfur into the water, which is why it’s particularly dangerous to put lapis lazuli in your drinking water or bath water: Ingesting sulfur or exposing your skin to sulfur is hazardous. Skin irritation is a common reaction for people who put lapis lazuli in their bath water.”

While some crystals need to avoid water, many crystals can be cleansed with water. Cleansing is important when wearing crystals because it removes different energies and can neutralize your crystal. Water is one way to cleanse crystals, but in cases where water is not good for the crystal, other things like sage or incenses can be used.

“I cleanse my crystals with the running water from outside places like streams and waterfalls. I sage them with any sage but white sage, use incense, or with a satin spar piece,” said junior Lincoln Geary, a crystal wearer.

Crystals have been used for a multitude of things for many years throughout many cultures. According to, crystals have been found from over 30,000 years ago. Crystals must be mined, which has taken place throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, the United States and other countries. As more and more crystals are consumed, the more damage is done to get these crystals from the ground to your local shop. Land destruction, water contamination, soil erosion, and habitat loss are all impacts of crystal mining. Buyers should purchase from local and ethical business.

Locals shops near to Parkersburg are SKY DIAMOND HEALING CRYSTALS LLC located at 2708 27th St, Parkersburg WV 26104, and Oasis Salt Cave & Renew Wellness located at 2800 Grand Central Ave, Vienna WV 26105.