Prom Dress Styles

Anna Martin, Staff Writer

One of the biggest parts of prom is the fashion, particularly prom dresses. Though styles and trends are always changing, there are a few staple dress styles and looks that you will see at prom.


These magical dresses give the look of a princess. They feature a fitted bodice and a large flared skirt.

Ballgown style


A trumpet-shaped dress resembles its name. It features a fitted bodice that flares out, beginning at the hips. The skirt resembles the shape of a trumpet’s bell.


Mermaid-style gowns have a dramatic fit, in which the dress is extremely fitted from the top of the body to the knee. A mermaid dress could be considered a variation of the trumpet-style gowns. However, at the knee, the dress flares immediately out. The skirt is often made of several layers of fabric/tulle.

Mermaid style


A-Line gowns are very similar to the ball gown fit, featuring a fitted bodice. However, different from a full ball gown skirt, the A-Line skirt gradually widens to create an A-shaped silhouette. The dress could be considered the slimmer version of the ball gown style.



Sheath dresses are much lighter than the other styles, making it more fitted to the body. These dresses have a more straight fit/skirt, unlike A-line gowns.


An off-the-shoulder gown is a great way to show off the neckline. With small sleeves that lay just below the shoulder, an off-the-shoulder look is effortlessly flattering.

Off-the-shoulder trumpet dress


Dresses that include an illusion design often feature a neckline or bodice made of sheer mesh material. The dress gives an illusion of being partially see-through.


A dress that has a neck line that rides high presents a classy look, often featuring an open back or embellishments on the chest.

Two piece:

Tired of the conventional one-piece dress? A two-piece dress may be for you. This type of dress shows off a little bit of the midriff, coming in dozens of different looks and styles.