MOVCA Announces Student Earth Day Essay Contest

Winner receives $100 gift card


Mid-Ohio Climate Action (MOVCA) is sponsoring an Earth Day essay contest for high school students in Wood County and Washington County, Ohio. This includes students who are homeschooled or virtual. The first place award will be a $100 Grand Central Mall gift card. Submissions are due by April 30.
Essays are based around student carbon footprint, which measures the amount of greenhouse gas released by human activity. The essay has two parts: First, contestants calculate their own carbon footprint with a simple carbon footprint calculator. The second part is to write the essay itself.
Entries should be 400-600 words. The prompt is to discuss personal carbon footprint calculations and ideas of how to lower those results. Students are also to interview a community or social group (family, church, sport team, school, etc.) they are part of to discuss how their group can lessen their footprints. This discussion is to be included in the essay.
“It is our hope to spark a conversation that ultimately inspires action in our local community,” said Angie Iafrate, program coordinator.
Submissions will be judged by MOVCA members. Results are to be announced on May 14. First, second and third place winners will be notified by phone or email.
For further details on regulations, topic information, how to calculate carbon footprints and how to submit essays, visit Or students may email [email protected].