Telina Boyles, Senior

Gun violence is an issue that is beginning to affect everyday life for some people. It is instilling a fear of simple everyday life from going to school to the grocery store; there is imminent fear that something could happen. All of the fear is completely reasonable in every matter, but it is not guns that are making these decisions. These dangerous weapons are given to those who may not be of sound mind, or those whose only intention is harm. There needs to be more regulation on who can obtain these destructive weapons.

To get a gastric weight loss surgery, you must be psychologically evaluated multiple times and pass before you are eligible for surgery. On the other hand you must answer a few questions about your criminal history and other miscellaneous questions to obtain a firearm. The fact that there is such a miniscule number of questions to own a firearm that can take lives but a complete mental evaluation for a surgery to lose weight seems ridiculous. Whether it’s an automatic rifle, shotgun, or handgun, it is dangerous and can be a weapon of destruction when given to the wrong hands. 

When it comes to whether semi-automatic rifles should be banned, it returns to the same solution as before. These weapons are not lethal when proper training and screening is in place, without including freak accidents that happen occasionally with man-made things. Once again, these weapons do not impose an immediate threat to those who are near. These weapons in the wrong hands create a threat just as any other firearm directed at a human would. 

To take firearms away from Americans would be a clear violation of our 2nd amendment right. This however does not mean everyone needs one. If you can lose some of your rights as an American citizen for crimes committed, wouldn’t it make sense if you’re a threat to public safety due to countless reasons that you cannot obtain a firearm? The solution to our problems are in front of us but the real question is are we going to act, or just keep sending prayers?

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