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Ex Noland, junior

Ex Noland, Junior

Seeing great kindness, capability and talent in children, junior Ex Noland hopes to become a child psychologist to continue a love of interacting with them and highlight their often-overlooked brilliance.

“I am not sure exactly what college I want to go to, but I have been looking into psychology right now,” Noland said.

Through their interest in the field, Noland recognizes the importance of psychological care and overall representation.

“I feel there are so many that need it, and there’s not a lot of people in the field right now,” they said. “As a Black woman, I wish I had someone that was like me to help me through things that other people who are like me go through, so I want to be that to people.”

Noland sees the challenges that not only exist for themself but for other people of color in their community.

“In this area, like Parkersburg, it’s sometimes hard being a person of color,” Noland said. “A part of me wants to leave, but a part of me wants to stay here and see if I could do something to make it better. I just want to make people feel like they’re safe here because I don’t always feel that, but I want to help other people to feel that way.”

Since its formation last school year, Noland has remained an active member of the Diversity Student Union and currently serves as the Social Media Manager of the club, responsible for promoting upcoming events and fundraisers.

“Diversity Student Union is where anyone, anyone of any background, of anything can come in and talk about diversity, whether it’s about race, culture, sexuality, gender or disabilities,” Noland said.

They are also a member of the newly formed Women’s Activism Association, which recently concluded a feminine product drive and is transitioning into discussions of self-defense, and Nature Club, where students often participate in hikes and birdwatching.

“I love things in nature,” Noland said. “That’s why I’m in Nature Club. I adore bugs so much. I have a bunch of framed bugs in my room.”

In college, Noland plans on participating in other nature-related clubs and furthering their appreciation for wildlife.

For more information about the Diversity Student Union, visit @diversitystudentunion on Instagram.

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