Q&A with Senior Lyndsie Pinkston


Katie Nesselrode

Senior Lyndsie Pinkston runs the 1600 meter run at regionals on May 12, 2022 at Stadium Field.

Kadence Perez, Staff Writer

Senior Lyndsie Pinkston is a four-year distance runner for the girls track team. Track practices officially start February 27. 

Q: How did you get started in track and field? 

A: I got started in track and field in middle school. I did it originally to stay in shape for the other sports I did. 

Q: What events do you run? 

A: I run the 1600. 

Q: What event is your favorite? 

A: I like the 1600. 

Q: Do you plan to still run after the high school season? 

A: I plan to run on my own after the season. 

Q: How do you feel about this track season? 

A: I feel pretty good about this coming season. We have a lot of good runners joining this year. Especially long distance runners. 

Q: How have you prepared for this season? 

A: I’ve been working out and running on my own. 

Q: Are you battling any injuries coming into the new season? If so, what is the injury? 

A: No

Q: How do you prepare yourself for a meet?

A: I prepare myself for a meet by eating spaghetti the night before so I’ll have enough energy. I also drink a lot of water days before the meet to make sure I’m hydrated enough. Right before my event starts I’ll run a little bit to get my adrenaline going and stretch so I don’t pull anything. 

Q: Being a four year member, are you excited to lead the track team? 

A: Yes I am. 

Q: Do other sports help you prepare for track, and what sport? 

A: Cross country helps me prepare because it keeps me in shape.