Student Band Releases First Single


Morgan McFee

Members of Monarchs, junior Kaleb Boggs, sophomore Derek Stover and junior Zachary McBride (kneeling), and junior Andruw Evans, pose for a group picture after the debut of their first single, “Pull Me Out,” on Feb. 1.

Make sure to check your music platform because Monarchs, a band of Big Red students, released their first single, “Pull Me Out” on Feb. 1.

“I feel like it has a pretty catchy chorus and if students gave it enough listens we could start off pretty strong with our first single,” said junior Zachary McBride. “We are releasing two more singles before we release the full scale album.”

Monarchs started in 2017 and is composed of juniors McBride on vocals, Andruw Evans on lead guitar, and Kaleb Boggs on drums. Sophomore Derek Stover plays rhythm guitar. The band’s main genre is metal. They practice at Boggs’ house, however their schedule depends on any upcoming performances. Their average practice schedule is about two times a week, with more sessions when having a show coming up.

“At least for me my vocal inspiration (comes from) probably Knocked Loose, they’re a good band. Motionless in White, Wage War, Northlane, they’re a pretty big influence,” said McBride.

 While they now write original songs, they first started by covering songs. The last set they played was about 15 songs and had half original and half covered songs.

“We used to cover a lot of songs when we were starting because writing music was really hard when we were first starting out, but now that we’ve gotten started we have a lot of songs written,” said McBride.

This year the band has performed mainly at the Jackson Community Building and The Beach House in Marietta. Music released by the Monarchs will be available for listening on any music platform. To get more information about the band, people can visit their Instagram page, @monarchswv. Additionally, their other social medias are linked in their Instagram bio.