Vincent Wins Golden Apple Award


Erika Gulley

Social Studies teacher Sam Vincent

Erika Gulley, Staff Writer

For most teachers, making an impact on a student’s life is a very important part of their job. U.S. History teacher and T-Club sponsor, Sam Vincent, did just that. On Tuesday, Dec. 13, Vincent received the Golden Apple Award from local attorney Jan Dils. 

“He really deserves it,” said senior Evan Craven. “His classes are always enjoyable. He goes above and beyond to plan the celebrity interviews and field trips. He’s always asking about our weekend plans , or athletic endeavors and is truly interested.”

This award program started in 2006 and has continued since. Dils has awarded the Golden Apple to over 100 teachers in over 50 schools. Beginning this year a new teacher is chosen each month, according to the Jan Dils website. The winners are given a Golden Apple plaque and bracelet from Baker & Baker Jewelers. A form must be filled out online by a student or a parent to nominate a teacher. Vincent said he does not know who nominated him for the award.

“It’s very humbling to be honored for a job that you love to do,” said Vincent. “It definitely feels nice to know that you have made an impact on students.” 

Vincent has been teaching for 11 years and the T-Club adviser for six. He was hired right after graduating from Marietta College. He also teaches a “Sports in American Culture” curriculum. In this class students have the chance to participate in Zoom calls with famous people in sports. His class interviewed NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon on Jan. 26.

Vincent has previously taught math. In addition to his classes,  he has also coached track and cross country and was the adviser of Junior Cabinet. 

“It is very nice to receive praise and recognition, but I know that I am one of many people at PHS who make a difference,” said Vincent.