Student IDs Required to Get Lunch


a school lunch

Erika Gulley, Staff Writer

Beginning this year, student IDs must be worn to get hot lunch. This was put in place so students only get one lunch, but also to stop students from skipping classes in the cafeteria during lunches. 

The student IDs this year have either a number one or number two on them, which stands for the lunch a student has. 

“We do this so we would know who is supposed to be in what lunch to help cut down on skipping and those students taking double lunches,” said Principal Kenny DeMoss. 

Wearing IDs has been mandatory since the 2015-2016 school year. It was originally implemented by former principal Pam Goots as a safety measure. Keeping staff and students safe is one of the main priorities of the school. 

“This is just another line of protection in our plan to help keep everyone safe on campus,” said DeMoss.