Joyce Emrick de Linas, special education teacher

Q- How long did you teach at PHS? 

A- I started teaching PHS in 2002. I left in 2008 and moved to Mexico and taught there, then I moved back here in 2016 and have been here since. So, a total of 12 years. 

Q- How long have you been teaching? 

A- 36 years 

Q- Why did you want to become a teacher? 

A- I really loved science so I became a medical laboratory technologist, but it was kind of a little bit lonely being in a laboratory for an evening shift or midnight shift, and sometimes I was by myself, so I decided that I needed a profession that was a little more people oriented. I was going to go into guidance and counseling, but I heard there might be a shortage of science teachers, so that would be the perfect mix of what I was looking for. I never wanted to be a teacher in my whole life, except for maybe playing teacher with my brother as a kid. Then all of a sudden I became a teacher and I realized that was the profession for me, and I never looked back. 

Q- Do you have a favorite memory at the school? 

A- Oh gosh, I can’t think of one. It’s been my favorite place I’ve ever taught, so there has been a lot of good memories spanning in the last 20 years. I can’t think of just one. I really loved doing labs… the kids really came alive when we were doing labs. 

Q- What is something you’re going to miss? 

A- Something I miss now was doing labs with the kids. I really enjoy being with the kids. I take the kids out and we clean around the school. I like being on the front campus picking up trash with the kids, or the back parking lot, and I’m going to really miss my colleagues. 

Q- Do you have a plan for after retirement? 

A- Oh, so many you don’t have time for them all. That’s when life is really going to start. I’m going down to Mexico with my husband because we have a rental there, and I’m going to Europe, that’s probably going to be next summer. I have a daughter and four grandkids I want to spread time with. I think my emphasis is going to be on traveling that I’ll do. 

Q- Describe your career at PHS in 1 word.

A- Amazing 

Q- What advice would you give to students? 

A- Work hard, have fun… there’s a reward at the end. 

Q- What is something your students would be surprised to know about you? 

A- Oh, so many things. Probably that I speak Spanish. It’s probably something that people don’t expect unless they know me. 

Q- Were you a PHS alumni? 

A- Yes, I graduated in 1974.

Q- What were you like as a student ?

A- I was not a very dedicated student when I moved from the junior high. When I was in junior high, I was a very dedicated student. When I came up to PHS we had a little bit too much freedom. I always passed my classes, but I didn’t give it any effort. I came to school mostly to socialize.

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