Cindy Woody, guidance counselor

Q- How long have you been at PHS?

A-I am completing my sixth year at PHS.

Q- Why did you want to work as a counselor?

A-I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. I really enjoy career counseling where I am able to help individuals narrow their career search from “I don’t know” to a career cluster and ultimately to pursue employment in a field that they enjoy and excel. There are also times when students have mental health issues and although those sessions may be exhausting mentally for me, I am happy to be here when students are in true need of mental health interventions.

Q- How long have you been a counselor?

A- In September 2005, I was hired as the Edison Junior High counselor. It just so happened a position in school counseling opened at PHS and I was ready to return to school counseling.

Q- Favorite memory of the school?

A- It would be difficult to pick a single thing. Every day is a little different in school counseling and I enjoy that variety.

Q- What is something you’ll miss?

A- Hands down, I will miss the friendships I have formed over the years.

Q- What is your plan after retirement?

A- For me this is not only a retirement, it is a relocation so there is a degree of finality as I will be living a couple hours away. I look forward to being geographically closer to my mom, children, and grandchildren while enjoying more WVU athletics and cultural events without the extra driving miles. I hope to travel to parts of the U.S. that we have not been to. Hawaii and Alaska immediately come to mind. I believe that who you are with is more important than the journey or final destination. I expect to volunteer occasionally in the university community. I have tons of cross stitch patterns and embroidery projects to complete. I have wanted to return to making jewelry and other crafts again. I honestly don’t expect to be bored. There are places to see, things to do and creative projects to complete.

Q- Describe your career at PHS in one word.

A- Rewarding.

Q- Are you an alumni of PHS?

A- No. Central Catholic High School in Wheeling, WV.

Q- What advice would you give students?

A- Pursue your dreams. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Q- What is something your students would be surprised to know about you?

A- I lived “The History of Rock and Roll” and I wore hot pants, halter tops, and mini skirts when they were first fashionable.

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