New Members Inducted into National Honor Society


Anna Earl

New inductees raise their right hand to take the National Honor Society oath led by President Emma Fleming.

Anna Earl, Assistant Editor

On April 18, the National Honor Society inducted 48 new members in the auditorium. This year, in order to grow the society and increase membership, the NHS committee opened applications to sophomores, juniors and seniors with a GPA requirement of at least a 3.0 and letters of recommendations, along with a new online application format.

To begin the ceremony, faculty advisor Abby Taylor introduced the president, senior Emma Fleming, who was joined by seniors Kelsey Golden, Harper Lawrence and Kaelin Morris to speak about the pillars of the society. These pillars include everyday scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

“We’ve put a lot of effort into building NHS back up this year after its inactivity during Covid. So, it’s really exciting to see so many great inductees who will make the club stronger,” said Golden.

Fleming, Golden and Lawrence called each new member’s name so they could walk across the stage where Principal Kenny DeMoss shook hands with each inductee, and Morris handed them their NHS pin and membership card.

“I decided to apply for NHS because I heard they did a lot of community service and I just liked they idea of helping the community,” said junior Halley Durkin.


The students inducted were:

Yasmeen Alamin

Dylan Bond

Isabel Bhati

Kristen Brandjes

Caroline Bruker

Samuel Chichester

Johnathon Corbin

Kiran Cunningham

Allison Davis

Brayden Deuley

Halley Durkin

Aimilia Eaves

Allison Felker

Mya Green

Aaron Grose

Alexandra Hamric

Logan Hartshorn

Chelsea Haught

Abigail Hines

Sheza Ikhlaq

Hayley McCale

Lauren McDonnell

Alexus McEldowney

Molly McLean

Nathaniel McPeak

Aiden Merritt

Annette Mildren

Brielle Milhoan

Grantland Murphy

Connor Nelson

Shannon O’Connor

Beyoncé Pierce

Meredith Poole

Baelyn Rhyne

Laura Richardson

Katie Riggs

Seth Rowh

Landon Shedd

Jackson Simmons

Ella Slack

Riley Smith

Angeliki Staats

Pallavi Sundaram

Katherine Taylor

Elliza Towner

Julena Whitehair

Caelyn Wise

Rylee Wise

Correction: Isabel Bhati’s name was omitted from the original article.