White Gowns an Important Tradition for Seniors


Payten Atkinson

A new graduate leaves the stage after accepting her diploma on May 29, 2021 at Stadium Field.

Whenever someone attends a Parkersburg High School graduation ceremony, students are lined up in red and white caps and gowns. This has been an ongoing tradition for roughly 50 years now. However, a decision was recently made to make all students wear red gowns at graduation.

My mom is a proud ​PHS graduate and she wore a white gown at her graduation. This is a tradition that I have looked forward to carrying on when my time comes to walk across the stage. PHS is a school based on traditions and that is why I strongly believe that we should continue this tradition for generations to come.

I know that there ​are many students who agree that we should be able to have red and white gowns because that is a right we deserve to have. I understand that times are changing and that we need to take everyone into consideration, but there is a way to do that by letting the seniors choose if they want to wear red or white to graduation. This would accommodate everyone and make sure that no one is left out.

As a current senior, I would love to see our class carry on one of the best traditions that PHS has, so I sincerely hope the administrators will take everything into consideration and help every senior have the best graduation that we possibly can.


Kaitlyn Cain is a senior. She is senior class secretary and a member of Senior Women’s Club.